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Cold Room Panel Line
Hot Press Line

Loading Conveyor

Driving conveyor

Pre Heating

PU foaming at both side

High pressure PU foaming machine

Curing at Double belt conveyot

Exit conveyor

Advantages of PUR Sandwich Panel
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Fireproofing (PIR Foam)
  • Water & Moisture-Proofing
  • Sound insulation
  • Rigidity
  • Easy Application
  • Saving Cost
  • Various Architectural Styles
  • Beautiful Appearance
Technical Data
Raw material color coated steel coil
Line speed 1~8m/Min
Pass line approx fl+1,200mm
Panel length 2~12m
Panel width 900 ~ 1,000mm
Panel thickness 50~150mm
PU foaming machine High pressure machine
PU injection By two mixhead
Foam system PUR or PIR Rigid Foam
Foam density approx 35~45 kg/m3
Length of double conveyor 20m or 30m
Inner height or building 6m
Temperature of factory 18 +-2
Temperature of Tank 20 ~ 23°C
Factory length 70~80m
Factory width 15 m
Electric consumption 200kw
Required man power 6~7 men
Yearly Production Capacity
Production speed 3~4m/min (100mm T standard)
1 hour production 180 m2 (Production speed 3m/min)
1 day production 1,440 m2
1 year production (300working days) 432,000 m2
Efficiency 80% 350,000 m2
Yearly production capacity
(8hr working per day)
approx 350,000 m2!!
The Comparative Data For Electric Consumption
You Can Make Following Panels