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PU Concrete Brick
Introduction of PU & Cement Brick

Building built with conventional bricks are so weak against outer force because it is inferior with bricks’ it selves insulation and damp proofing and this makes delivery of outside temperature easy into the building inside, further gets damp a lot inside of it.

New typed polyurethane cement bricks that solved this kind of problem perfectly is born.
New PU cement brick’ advantage and feature are as follows

  • It is so superior with Sound proofing, Insulation, Damp proofing and prevents
    1. from frost phenomenon inside of it.
  • It is strong and safe with structural strength of block body .
  • With an attached marble outside, It can be building completed rightly without additional process.
  • With a single process, it is simple with the construction work, dramatically decreases period
    4. and cost of construction
DUT KOREA hope to introduce PU foaming machines and facilities to you, which
Manufacture PU cement bricks
Manufacturing Equipment
Line size
20m(Length) x 10m(Width)
Quantity of Mould 32 mould
Size of mould carrier 500mm x 350mm
Kinds of mould 3 kinds
Cycle time About 15~16sec (time to make one brick)
PU machine High pressure, Work tank 250L, Auto. injection
Required electric power 150 kw
Daily production
(8 hour working per day)
4 pcs(1 min.) x 60 min. x 8 hour x 80% (effiency)
= 15,360 brick per day
Required man power
total 6 person
Various Forms of Brick
Kinds of Marble & Brick
The Comparative Data for Electric Consumption