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PU Continuous Sandwich Panel Line


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Double conveyor

Heating system

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Storage tank
Advantages of PUR Sandwich Panel
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Fireproofing (PIR Foam)
  • Water & Moisture-Proofing
  • Sound insulation
  • Rigidity
  • Easy Application
  • Saving Cost
  • Various Architectural Styles
  • Beautiful Appearance
Technical Data
Raw material color coated steel coil or soft face coil
Coil weight Max. 7.5 ton
Coil width Max. 1,220mm
Line speed 1.5~12m/Min
Pass line approx fl+1,200mm
Crane in factory 10ton
Panel length 3~15mm
Panel width 1,000mm
Panel thickness 35~200mm(40~200)
Foam system PUR or PIR Rigid Foam
Foam density approx 35~45 kg/m3
Inner height or building 6m
Temperature of factory 18+-2°C
Temperature of Tank 20 ~ 23°C
Factory length 120 ~ 150m
Factory width 15 ~ 25m
Electric consumption PU line 400 kw
Required man power PU line 6~7 men
Yearly Production Line
Production speed 6~7m/min (50mm T standard)
1 hour production 420 m2
1 day production 3,360 m2
1 year production (300working days) 1,008,000 m2
Efficiency 80% 806,400 m2
Yearly production capacity
(8hr working per day)
approx 800,000 m2!!
The Comparative Data For Electric Consumption
You Can Make Following Panels

Steel facing

Steel & Flexible facing

Siding panel

AL duct panel