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Car Seat Production Line (Turn Table Type)
Technical Data
PU machine High pressure machine, 4 comp. mixhead system
Production method Continuous moving type by turn table

Capacity 165kg
PU injection 1) Automatic pouring into open mould by industrial Robot
2) Manual pouring by worker
Mould carrier type 1) Open and close by hydraulic
2) Open and close by Guide steel bar
Mould locking and unlocking Auto. locking & unlocking by air unit
Mould carrier 4~24 carriers
Line size Approx. 4~12m(D) x 5m(H)
Line speed Approx. 100~200mm/ sec, changeable type
The shot cycle time Approx. 10~15 sec
Curing time Approx. 4min
Heating unit 4 kw/h (2carrier/ one heating unit), Hot water by electric heating
Seat weight Approx. Min 310g~ Max 3,200g
Seat consists Front cushion and back Rear cushion and back
The Consist of Seat Line
  • High pressure PU foaming machine, 4comp.& Mixing Head, DHVA 1220-4KSH
  • Industrial Robot
  • Electric control

Turn Table
Mould carrier & Moulds
Mould open & close system
Mould heating system
Vacuum crushing machine
Safety system for working zone
Gas exhaust and duct system

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