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Polycraft has the expertise and the parts to keep your Polyurethane equipment running. So when you need service or parts for your PU machinery, rely on the service/parts department backed by over 100 years of combined urethane processing experience and a multi-million rupees inventory.
We take pride in our reputation for responding quickly and knowledgeably. Serving the needs of our customers has always been our goal and we continually aim for improvement.
Service Support is provided in many different ways:
Telephone Support
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Our skilled technicians are ready to discuss your needs and assist you with any problems.

0091 265 2649401 0091 265 2640514
0091 265 3295097 0091 265 3252076
On Site Field Support
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Experienced Service Technicians are available to visit your facility on short notice to get your machinery running again.
Spare Parts Supply
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Our knowledgeable spare parts department maintains a vast, multimillion rupees inventory of spare parts. This includes components for PPMPL machinery, as well as commercially available parts, all at very competitive prices.
Rexroth and RHL Polyurethane Pump Repair
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Should you experience pump related machine problems, PPMPL Tech Service is available by phone.

We service all sizes of Rexroth and RHL Polyurethane pumps regardless of machine origin.

PPMPL’s repair technicians are fully trained to rebuild all sizes of urethane metering pumps.

Any pump shipped from PPMPL, new or repaired is accompanied with a computer generated test report. Computerized testing eliminates possibility of human error.

In most cases, pumps can be rebuilt at a fraction of the cost of a new pump, and most pumps can be rebuilt more than once.

When your pump is received, we disassemble and clean it, to assess its condition. We will provide a written repair estimate with an approximate delivery time.

Expedited repair service is available for Emergency Situations or as an alternative we offer an Exchange Program for Rexroth pumps.
Rexroth Pump Exchange Program
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Our unique pump exchange program was created for those with more immediate needs. Here’s how the program works:
We will send overnight a reconditioned pump* to your facility. (*Based on availability)
A purchase order is required in order for us to ship the reconditioned pump.
Upon receipt of your faulty pump, our technicians will thoroughly inspect and evaluate the cost of rebuilding it.
If we determine that the damaged pump can be rebuilt, we will issue a credit towards the purchase of the reconditioned pump.
If it is determined that the pump cannot be rebuilt, we will either return the pump to you or at your discretion dispose of the pump here at PPMPL.
Pump Seal conversion to Magnetic Coupling
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We offer magnetic couplings for Rexroth pumps in order to eliminate any chance for further drive shaft seal leakage.
Since these conversions may also effect the drive motor call us for more details.
Mag Drive Mag drive

Magnetic Couplings - How They Work A magnetic coupling consists of two magnet assemblies; an outer magnet (the driver magnet) and an inner magnet (the driven magnet). The outer magnet is connected to a motor and the inner magnet is directly attached to the pump drive shaft. Since the inner magnet is isolated through a can attached to the pump housing, seals and therefore leaks are eliminated. When load (torque) is applied, the coupling deflects angularly and the magnets create a force of simultaneous attraction and repulsion. This force is used to transfer torque from the motor to the drive shaft. This permanent magnet coupling creates neither slippage nor induction current during rotation.

Mag Drive

To ship a pump to PPMPL please see the “Pump / Mix Head Shipment Procedure”
Mix Head – Repairs
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We also provide repair service for High Pressure mix heads manufactured by:

Please also inquire for heads not listed above
Mix head repair before-after
Mix head repair before-after
To facilitate the rebuilding of your mixing head as quickly as possible, we maintain a large inventory of mix head component parts.
To facilitate the rebuilding of your mixing head as quickly as possible, we maintain a large inventory of mix head component parts.
Mix head Lease
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If your mix head is being rebuilt by PPMPL or you would like to evaluate a PPMPL mix head before purchase, we will be glad to arrange a lease of a mix head. Mix heads can be leased for a period of several days and also for longer periods.
Pump / Mix Head Shipment Procedure
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To ship a pump or mix head to PPMPL, please follow these steps:
Contact our service department relative to pump or mix head failure. You may be asked a number of questions to help us in our evaluation.
Our service department will provide you with a RMA (Return Material Authorization) and specific shipping information.
When the pump or mix head arrives at Polycraft our technicians will disassemble and clean it to assess its condition.
A written estimate and approximate delivery date will be promptly forwarded you’re your approval.
If the pump or mix head is to be rebuild we require a purchase order prior to commencing with this work