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Optimizing Polyurethane Operations

This 3-day seminar is designed to introduce the principles of polyurethane processing with a focus on enhancing the operations and maintenance procedures to increase throughput and reduce machine downtime. The training includes both classroom and hands-on instruction. The hands-on time enables the participant to see first hand what has been discussed in the classroom and actually operate a machine.

Course Highlights:

- Principles of the Poly-Iso reaction sequence
- Principles of nucleation
- Processing Equipment
- High pressure impingement mixing
- Low pressure dynamic mixing
- Machinery component breakdown
- Troubleshooting and preventive maintenance
- Recommended maintenance procedures
- Hands-On Troubleshooting
- Small Class-size


"Understanding the Chemistry of Polyurethanes"

  • Introduction - "A brief history"
  • Basic chemistry
  • Calculations
  • Chemical handling safety


"Understanding Polyurethane Processing Machinery"

  • Understanding the machine - machine overview and flow principle
  • Machine layout and component description
  • Understanding the Rexroth metering pump
  • Understanding the high pressure impingement mixhead
  • New Calibration Methods


"Real Time Metering Machine Experience"

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Calibration
  • Equipment malfunctions and troubleshooting
  • Question and answer period


To register for the Optimizing Polyurethane Operations course, click here to fill out the on-line form.

There will be no refunds for cancellations made within 14 days of the training course start date.

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