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Rotary Table
Rotary Table
The easy efficient way to convey molds for polyurethane molding lines
Simplify your molding line operations with the efficiency and dependability of Rotary Tables from Polycraft/PUF

Tables for both smaller and heavier mold operations

The Turn Table, is ideal for small to mid-sized mold applications. The Turn Table comes manual as-well-as equipped with an AC variable speed drive with encoder that provides unlimited station positions and smooth acceleration and deceleration. Turn Table is available with electronic communication between the moving table and the metering machine.
For your heavier molds or fixtures, we recommend Floor-Mounted Turntables with maximum load carrying capabilities of up to 60 tons.
For those operations that require “pour-on-the-fly” molding, AUTOMOLDER and Floor-Mounted Turntables provide smooth, continuous motion. For stop-and-go situations where operators or robots need to perform tasks, these advanced Turntables can be designed to accurately index for quick, easy mold access utilizing Polycraft/PUF unique table drive software.
Rotary Table Drawing